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[TPHCM] Frontend Developer

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The Envato MX Frontend Developers on Entry Level, are software engineers with HTML, Javascript, and CSS skills, dedicated to work on Placeit front-end. They contribute not only to the Placeit aspect, but the development of features and maintenance of existing ones. 
They always work out of a set of carefully polished requirements, guided by a solid problem solving process: The X Workflow; and guided by a Project Delivery Manager (PM), who will facilitate the inputs and resources needed to accomplish the development tasks. 
They are also led and guided, by a senior developer and the Engineering Manager.

What would I work on specifically?

The Entry Level Frontend Developer is responsible for the completion of their tasks at the expected time and with expected quality. A typical task includes Analyzing and understanding requirements and their impact, conducting proper analysis (aligned to the process), exposing findings,  creating prototypes and solution proposals, designing tests or test designs, implementing and documenting changes.
Other duties may include:Constant communication with PMs, exposing questions and blockers.Collaboration with other developers.Receive guidance and coaching from tech leads and other developers.

Required Skills/Experience


HTML (different versions) and their compatibility. (different versions and techniques to apply effects and cross-browser support).One or two CSS frameworks (LESS or SASS).Component frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation.JS: programming model in JavaScript/inheritance model, scoping, differences between the three major versions of JS.At least one of the following JS frameworks or similar: Angular, React, handlebars, etc.
Baseline fundamentals that you need to be familiar with no matter what area of ​​the platform you work on:Basic level of Unix: bash, piping, SSH, tools (CAT, AWK, SED), basics of standard input/output.Principles ad good understanding of at least one of the following (Knowing 2 or more will be a plus): Functional Programming Principles.Event Oriented ProgrammingObject Oriented Programming.Prototype Based Programming. Coding Best Practices.Basics of Refactoring Best Practices.Fundamentals of Test Driven Development.Basic understanding of code versioning tools (e.g. Git, or SVN)

Soft Skills:Be clever about how to approach problems.Be technically curious (learning on your own).Have a serious interest in understanding the goal behind your work.Push for doing things the right way the first time around.

Education & Training.A Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, mathematics or computer science is required.
Experience Requirements.Proven experience working on projects related to software development, web applications development and technology development is required.

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